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Ski-doo E-TEC 800 Turbo Kits

ETEC 800 Turbo Kit

Ski-doo E-TEC 800 Turbo Kits

We work with the best manufacturers in the snowmobile industry to provide Ski-Doo E-TEC 800 Turbo Kits. With all the companies we work with we can supply you with the best turbo kit on the market for your sled and your price point. What matters the most to you? The cost of the etec turbo kit? The quality of the parts included in the turbo kit? Are you searching for the top horsepower for your etec snowmobile? We are a top turbo kit supplier in the industry and can answer your questions about a number of the kits. This makes it easier for you to make sure you purchase the kit best to suit your requirements. Kits will be updated as they become available.

Turbo Kits are listed alphabetically by company name and NOT by recommended turbo system.

Aerocharger logo

Aerocharger Turbo Kits

New Century, Kansas, USA
Aerocharger co-developed the Ski-Doo E-TEC turbo system with BRP Racing starting in 2009 for RMSHA, and the Aerocharger was the first working kit available at the E-TECs release in 2011. BRP Racing dyno'd the Aerocharger system and registered 240hp at only 7psi, and this system can be set to produce a range of 200-300hp. This system was designed in close collaboration with BRP Racing, who contributed design criteria and system specifications to ensure that a properly designed aftermarket turbo kit would be available for the E-TEC snowmobiles. The Aerocharger is a substantial innovation over conventional turbocharger technology, making it ideal for use with Rotax 2-stroke engines. The Aerocharger E-TEC system was built to prioritize horsepower-generating efficiency, and this equals an ultra-responsive, rideable system that excels at high altitude and on technical terrain.

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Aerocharger Turbo Kit
• Complete Kit: Non-Intercooled System $5,495.00
• Complete Kit: Air/Snow Intercooled System  $5,995.00
•  7 PSI boost gaining 60 horsepower increase
• Compatible with engine mods such as big bore kits or lower/higher compression
• Extensive custom clutch setup is included with the Non Intercooled System and Air to Snow System


Attitude Industries Logo

Attitude Industries Turbo Kits

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Attitude Industries has spent a lot of time on the 800 E-TEC Turbo kit. Nearly two years of testing before we even released this kit to the general public. From top to bottom this kit is designed to perform on pump or race gas. The heart of the kit is an oil less Billet Turbo. This not only makes for an easy install, but eliminates the need for an oil tank and oil pump. A special designed Turbo Muffler, with double down pipes not only adds to the great throttle response, but also keeps your sled from making to much noise and keeps nearly a stock sound. The chrome looks great when you open the side panel to show off your kit to your friends. The large volume air box is also the key to why this kit shines. The large volume increases throttle response, lowers intake temps, along with creating a more efficient boost. Also with the fuel rail and extra injectors all built in one, makes for an easy install.

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Attitude Industries Logo
• Complete Kit: $4,995.00

Black Diamond Xtreme Logo

Black Diamond Xtreme Turbo Kits

Cannon Falls, Minnesota, USA
Whether you choose the base package or every upgrade available, every Ski-Doo 800R E-TEC XM turbo kit includes all of the mechanical and electrical components necessary for installation. Every kit includes an electronic control box that allows the rider to add or subtract fuel based on RPM levels, boost, and throttle position.

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Black diamond turbo kit
• Complete Kit: $3,995.00
• Garrett GT2860 Premium Turbo Charger (built with high quality machining and components)
• Cast Iron Exhaust Housing and Wastegate (your choice of low or high boost actuator)
• Non-Intercooled Air Induction (designed for maximum air flow)
• BoonDocker Control Box (fully adjustable with altitude-compensating boost control)


Full Power Logo

Full Power Turbo Kits

Little Valley, New York, USA
There are numerous turbo kits available today that are produced cheaply without regard for reliability or drivability, just in order to keep costs down and profits up. Then there are turbo kits that are produced without cutting corners on design, quality components & materials, or workmanship simply with the sole purpose to deliver the best kit in the industry. Which one do you want on your machine? Well this is OUR pump gas safe trail turbo kit offering the highest factory-like quality, fit, and finish available in the aftermarket with the adjustability to run higher boost levels when desired. Thousands of miles have been accumulated on the trails and lakes since the 2011 riding season in an exhaustive effort to dispel the myths and prove FPP’s trail-ability and pump gas reliability of our industry leading low elevation design.

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Full Power Turbo Kit
• Complete Kit: $5,999.00
• Genuine Garrett GT Series Ball Bearing Turbocharger
• Integrated Intercooler
• Contoured Aluminum Air Box
• True Integrated Trail Muffler
• Billet Aluminum Blow Off Valve


Impulsse Logo

Impulse Turbo Kits

Utah, USA
Impulse Turbo Kits, fits all Ski-Doo XM 800 ETEC 2013-up models. Designed for ultimate throttle response with optimal turbo placement and short charge piping. Cold air intake draws in air from behind windshield, keeps it from covering up with snow. NEW Impulse X5 ECU - automatically adjusts fuel according to elevation, manifold pressure, throttle position, RPM, 02, charge air temperature and features five diagnostic LED lights for quick troubleshooting. Gas and go, no buttons to mess with, let the Impulse X5 ECU do the work as elevation and temperature change. Fully labeled and fused plug and play wiring harness, install turbo, plug it in and ride. Hybrid Garrett GTX/Tial externally wastegated turbocharger with billet compressor wheel and Tial stainless steel V-band turbine housing. Tial 38mm V-band liquid cooled external wastegate allows boost pressures as low as 4-5 PSI for high elevation pump gas use.

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Impulse Turbo Kit
• Complete Kit: $6,800.00
• Oil pump and filter mounted under CNC engraved cover plate
• Tial Q 50mm blow off valve
• Billet fuel rail and injector setup cools air charge as fuel is injected into throttle bodies
• Turbo system fits with electric start models


Top Secret Logo

Top Secret Shop Turbo Kits

Tappen, British Columbia, Canada
TSS has developed their own turbo kit for the 800 E-Tec using a 2860 KPA Turbo with a water to air intercooler to get maximum performance per pound of boost and to keep the fuel map consistent through its range. The kit is very clean and very easy to install. We paid close attention to detail of fit and finish. The turbo holder comes complete with turbo, oil tank, oil pump, tail pipe, neck, clips in OEM muffler holder and comes completely put together as a module. Intercooled air box, injectors and wiring comes put together. The wiring is plug-in, including wiring for water pump to circulate the water through the supplied U cooler dedicated for the sole purpose of cooling the charge air.

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Top Secret Turbo Kit
• Complete Kit: $6,750.00
• Kpa 28/60
• Redline performance forced induction tuner
• Boost/Aem gauges with bracket
• Turbo smart boost controller